For some, V-Day could be short for Valentine’s Day. For others, namely Manny, it probably means Vet Day.

Manny was back at the V-E-T on Saturday. Yup, I took my beloved cat to the vet on Valentine’s Day. For blood work. I suck. But as I explained to Manny, it was for his own good so we can figure out what is and what isn’t causing his gum issues. He is being tested for FeLV; FIV; and Feline Bartonella. He has tested negative for FeLV; FIV before but I don’t think he’s ever had the Bartonella test done. Apparently there is a link between Bartonella and oral disease. We should know the results within the next few days.

I hated seeing him get blood work done. I was such a baby and started tearing up when they laid him on his side and pulled out his back paw inorder to find a vein. I guess this is a prime example of why I could/should never be a Vet. Or a Doctor. Or a Nurse. Manny handled it way better than I did and the Vet called him a Champ.

Upon recommendations from my previous Vet, I had been mixing Science Diet Oral Care with his regular food. The Oral Care food has big chunks of dry food goodness that is suppose to help a cat break up plaque and tartar. I decided to take out all those chunks from his food in case it was aggravating his gums. I think he appreciated the gesture. He’s not really digging the Agua Dent no matter how much I dilute it so I’ll probably just have to give up on that option. He also gets to have his Fancy Feast more often. Lucky guy. He doesn't have a problem with that one at all.

When we got back from the Vet he ate a little and camped out in his hideout for the better part of the day. He did come out later on, purring and rubbing against my leg for some pets. I do like his forgiving nature. I'm lucky he didn't pack his bags and find another home having to go to the Vet two Saturdays in a row.

So, we’ll take it one step at a time to see what’s going on with his gums. Stay tuned.


courtneyl said...

poor Manny!!!! i'm so glad that he is as forgiving as he is!!! (the kitties would have probably tried to chew my leg off!!!) i'm glad Manny is being a trooper- hopefully he knows you're just trying to keep him healthy!!! keep us updated!!!

Jane! said...

Next time he complains about the vet, you tell him what we ladies have to go through every year. ha!

I hope they find some answers for Manny!

Nadine Hightower said...

He did that really well. I'm so proud of him.
And you could have left the room. And that way when it's done you are the best person in the world becuz you didn't have anything to do with it!
He'll be fine.

Helen said...

Poor baby!! I'm trying the Aqua Dent on my 3 - and although they're very suspicious, so far so good. Helps to leave all toilet lids down so they have no other options :-) Hopefully Manny's gums aren't anything serious - keep us posted.

t i m said...

aww, hope manny is in good spirits. :)

Amber said...

Poor Manny. The Vet on V-Day? Cruel and unusual punishment. That's almost like lice on your birthday. Oh wait. That was me.

kilax said...

Poor little guy. I would be tearing up too. I hate taking Data to the vet, just seeing him sitting on the table, so vulnerable :(

Keep us posted!

Jane! said...

I wish I could give up sweet treats as well as the soda/pop/coke but I might as well just head out to the desert for Lent because what kind of a life would I have left???
Ha! I admire your willpower. I'm hoping the soda ban continues long past Easter, too.

Nancy said...

Ohhhh, how sad for you and for Manny. I cried when the puppies got their shots, and when we had to leave one of them overnight at the V-E-T's I was devastated. He'd been throwing up and was very dehydrated. We were calling him Pooh Bear until we sold him, so it was really funny when the doctor called the next morning to give us an update on "Pooh Bear". My oldest daughter, Kelly, asked me if she could keep Pooh Bear after he came home. We all realized just how much he meant to us. Of course I gave her my baby, and she is the best little mommy for him. She still calls him Pooh Bear, and I get to see him once a week.

I hope Manny's teeth issues heal quickly. I know how much of a worry it is for you. Hang in there. It sounds like you've still got your great sense of humour.

MizAngie said...

So here it is March and we haven't gotten an update...wassup with that?