oh yeah....

Alrighty....I think I owe you all an update. I hope no one was holding their breathe waiting...I could be in big trouble.

So, I think I left it that we were waiting for Manny's test results. I received a message with the test results about a week and half later. He tested negative for both FIV and Feline Bartonella. But. The lab was unable to test for FeLV because the vet didn't take enought blood to test for all three tests.

*&%^!!! Whaaa?

The vet then asked on the message she left for me if I could bring Manny back in for more blood work.

@%$^*!! Whaaaaa?

My favorite part of the message: the vet said I wouldn't have to pay for the test (that I already paid for) since they didn't take enough blood to actually run the test. Um, gee, thanks.

Let's rewind a little bit shall we. I already took him two weeks in a row (one of those days being Valentine's Day) to the Vet and now they want me to bring him back for a third time. Do they know how hard it is to get a Manny in a cat carrier?!

Luckily this was all said on a message and not "in person" because it gave me some time to think about my next move. Ah, who am I kidding, it gave me enough time to rant and rave and then think about my next move. I was beyond relieved that he tested negative for two of the tests but was worried about the one outstanding test. I figured my options were to either 1.) wrestling Manny back in the carrier for a third time in one month for more blood work or 2.) hold off on the test; and ask the vet about the next step.

After discussing it with The Husband we decided to go with option #2 and the vet was okay with that choice. She said the next step was to try out Clinda-guard, an antibiotic, orally for 10 days and to bring him back after we were done to see if the medicine helped his gums out. If there is no indication that the medicine helped at all, we will go back and test for FeLV.

So that's where we are at now. Administering anything orally to a cat is pretty complicated. We got away with it for ohhh, about one day. Now we are just adding it to his Fancy Feast and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be good enough.

Other than having his Fancy Feast spiked with medicine, Manny is doing well. He likes to talk to me when I get home from work and he likes to be thisclosetome when we go to bed. He spends most of his time purring away, and that's how I like it.

'Til next time...


Nadine Hightower said...

Whew! and now to pill the cat!! Woo Hoo!
Hiding it in his food...you're gettin' so sneaky!! You're gonna make a very good mom.

Jane! said...

I remember the days when we would have more pink antibiotic flung on the walls than actually IN the cat. And that was with TWO of us wrestling with him. I don't like to deal with patients that you can't bribe or threaten.
Good luck, Manny!

courtneyl said...

I love Manny "tails"... how is he doing with the antibiotics?! has he discovered you're spiking the Fancy Feast yet? besides having to take his meds he sounds like he is fantabulous and isn't holding a grudge for having to go to the vet twice last month!!!

Amber said...

Poooooooor Manny. After everything he's been through, only to have his Fancy Feast desecrated? Is there nothing sacred in this world?


Ms. T. said...

Ah, the joys of ministering medication to an ill feline. I hope Mr. Manicotti is up to snuff soon.

Nancy said...

Is Manny getting any better? Taking blood from an animal is just as having blood taken from a child (I've experienced both, so I know). My dear Shiloh (golden retreiver) is going to the vet today. I'm very nervous to find out what's going on with him. He is part of my heart. I fervently hope that Manny is in perfect health very soon.


Moflo said...

I completely sympathize with this, I was a total mess when Izzy was going through her seizure problems. I will be thinking about you (and praying for Manny!)!

Amber said...

Going into withdrawals. Manny, where are you?!

~ Must Love Dogs~ said...

I always end up with the pink stuff ALL over me and the cat comes out smelling like a rose. Oy.

Tell Manny Aunt Laura misses him.

kisses to all


Jane! said...

Manny! Wake her up and tell her it's time to post again!

John Noel Bartlett said...

Hey Manny, are you OK.
It's been a very long time since we've heard how you are doing.
Four of your furry friends here are head-butting me for info.

Anonymous said...

Hello? A post?

How's the Manster? I had a cat with FeLV one time. Don't ask me about it... Not good.

Miss you!!!

Amber said...

Hey Gina/Manny--

Missing your updates! Hope all is well....

Elizabeth said...

Still no Manny updates? This makes me sad... I hope all is well and you guys have just been busy with life lately!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Just popping by (nice place ya have here by the way) to let you know that Jane! from Emptying The Nest will be guest blogging tomorrow--and I know you will have missed her as much as I have.
Her guest post will be here:
please come and say hello to her-maybe we can get her to come back like blogging. Kind of like bringing a box of wine to the intervention.

Anonymous said...

More than three months and I'm more than a bit worried.
How is Manny?
Please let everyone know, whether good or bad.

Lisa, Casper & Pipsqueak said...

Worried sick about Manny. Please let us know what is going on. I've been following Manny since the beginning and my heart is breaking not knowing his status.