What I did on my Summer Vacation (eat)

What to blog, what to blog, what to blog.

I’m not sure, I just know that I want to start making it a regular habit, again.

Need ideas.

Manny is hip to my blog (or lack thereof) and saves all his cute and funny activities for when I am not home. I’m convinced. He can't be sleeping all that time. Or maybe he can be.

I guess I can tell you about what I did on my summer vacation! The Husband and I did some long weekend trips to Philadelphia; Chicago; D.C.; and Lake George, NY.

When in Philly, my trip wouldn’t be complete until I had a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich from both Pat’s and Geno’s.

In Chicago, I HAD to have a Chicago hot dog and deep dish pizza from Pizzeria Uno. One slice of the deep dish pizza just about stopped my heart, but it was really gooooood. Not NY good, but good.

If I found myself in your neck of the woods, what would be -the- must have food I would have to eat or my trip would be deemed incomplete?

Don’t be shy.