As promised.

Oh and just for kicks - here is a picture of my Orchid.

It's dead now. Well, I'm not sure if it's totally dead. The flowers fell off but the leaves are nice and green.



Hi Everyone! So sorry for the long time no write. I know some of you have been worried about Manny because of the lack ‘o blogs, but he is doing great. Life got difficult there for awhile and I needed a little blogging break. We are all fine and happy, but I had to focus on life and give it it’s fair share of attention.

Manny is doing really well. He has adjusted to his new home beautifully. The stairs are his new playground – he likes to race me up and down, and beats me every time. It’s getting really competitive, I must admit. He fights dirty. Manny likes to cut in front of me; and I know some day I will get to the bottom of the stairs before he does, but I think it’s going to contain a nasty spill (me) and I’ll most likely not land on all four feet.

Manny’s getting more vocal. I like to greet him in a high pitch (no idea why) voice when I come home from work, and he likes to match it. He’s probably telling me to take it down a couple of notches, but I like to pretend he’s actually answering me, when I squeak out “and how was YOUR day!”.

The other day The Husband managed to brush enough fur off of Manny to make another cat. I have no idea where Manny is storing all this fur. He enjoys depositing some of it when he finds a discarded shirt on the floor. It’s my fault, I still haven’t learned to pick up my clothes off the floor on a regular basis. It’s been a problem since childhood, right Mom. So instead of my Mom telling me to pick the clothes off my floor, now I find Manny laying all over my sweat shirt or gym clothes. As a reward for being lazy, I get a shirt (probably a black shirt) with orange fur all over it. YAY! So, I’m taking matters into my own hands. No, I did not become neat. I got the BISSELL PET HAIR ERASER. Or as The Husband likes to call it, THE PET ERASER. He thinks it’s funny.

He’s been the target of my camera lately. I love interrupting his nap time(s) with my camera. He hates the camera and flinches whenever I pull it out. I’ll post some of them soon. Yeah, I know I’ve said that before, but I will! Promise.


I’m thinking that it would be great to hear from some of my readers. If anyone is interesting in being a “guest blogger” and posting a story or two about your beloved cat, let me know! Perhaps it will clear some of this blogger’s block I’ve been having. Email me at mannyed924@hotmail.com if you would like to share a story on Man Oh Manny!