New Vet City

We took Manny out on a lil excursion last Saturday. We frolicked in the park; chased after birds – ahh, ok, we went to the vet. It really wasn’t time for his annual vet visit, but since I moved, it’s been on my mind to get some recommendations on a good vet in the new ‘hood. We finally secured a good recommendation, did some quick research and made an appointment with a local vet about a 5 min. car ride away.

I also made the mistake of teasing Manny about the upcoming vet visit. He was prepared come Saturday morning and he put up a good fight about getting into his cat carrier. Although, I must note that he calmed down a lot quicker than usual after he was inside the carrier. Note to self: don’t utter the word vet, even in jest.

I was pretty happy with the new Vet. When she saw Manny she said, “oh, this office loves orange cats”. Insert beaming pet owner face right about here. I loved hearing that, and I’m sure Manny thought it was cool, too. She also told me she used to have an orange cat named Manny, short for Manouri, a greek cheese, and got a kick out of hearing that my Manny was short for Manicotti. There is just something about orange cats named after ethnic foods that really makes me smile.

Aside from that, the Vet gave Manny a really thorough check up. She told me some cool facts about orange cats that I never knew. For instance, the little black mark on Manny’s nose and on the inside of his lips are common for Orange cats as they get older. I guess you can call them age spots, just don’t tell Manny that.

Then we looked inside his mouth and found some trouble. She was able to get Manny to open his mouth really wide and we saw some gum bleeding going on and some plaque buildup which concerned the Vet. I was immediately alarmed because my former Vet never really alluded to this and Manny just saw him in September. I take Manny to the Vet very regularly to keep him updated on his required shots and for checkups. About two years ago my former Vet just told me that Manny had some redness on his gums and to try using a dry food geared to oral care for cats. He was never able to open Manny’s mouth as wide or for as long as the new vet did. She suggested that I get Manny’s records from the old vet so she could take a look and decide the best course of action. She told me about CET Aqua Dent. It’s a odorless, colorless, additive that you can put in your pet’s water. So I bought and put some in his water bowl. So because it's ordorless and colorless, Manny knows something is up with his water because he’s stopped drinking water after I put in the stuff. I switched out the Agua Dent water to see if he goes back to drinking. He’s always been a good water drinker. The Vet even mentioned that he’s well hydrated. So, I’m keeping a close eye on his drinking habits (that sounds funny) and will discuss treatment options for his gums with Vet after she reviews his medical records.

Manny doesn’t seem to be in any pain and he has a good appetite so I don’t think his gums are bothering him too too much. I do, however, want to get his gum situation in check. He’s a pretty healthy cat otherwise. When we got home from the vet, Manny sat on the couch and watched TV with me, so luckily, he forgives me for the vet visit.


Jane! said...

CatOne can smell a vet visit coming a week away. I'm lucky if I can even find him on vet day.
I think it might be that he's still embarassed about the time he tried to escape the exam room through the vaccine fridge. He was very humiliated when the vet had to pull him out.
Not MY proudest moment, either.

Nadine Hightower said...

I like the idea of the additive to the water!! Add it in smaller amounts. At least she didn't suggest you brush his teeth!

He likes women!!! That's why he cooperated with her.

Jeankfl said...

Mine know when they see the carriers come out... and they hide. Before I get the carriers ready,I have to close off all the possible hiding places.. Luckily, Bro is stupid and fat, so he thinks if he gets in a corner with his back to me, he's hidden! He's my long hair orange tabby.. Sis is quite an ordeal.. but they're both good when they get to the vet. They don't mind being poked and prodded, for the most part. What do you put in the water? I need to get them some..
Good Manny!!

Jeankfl said...

Duh.. re-read and found the link.. thanks..

courtneyl said...

I'm glad that Manny's vet visit went great!!! It does sound like Manny is quite the "ladies kitteh"!!! Hopefully the gum issue can be taken care of quickly and easily!!!! That's awesome the the vet used to have an orange kitty with an ethnic food name too!!! (your comment- insert beaming pet owner face cracked me up!!!!) It sounds like Manny has an awesome vet!!!!

SuvvyGirl said...

LOL Manny probably planned the whole gum thing thinking that the Vet would tell you to give him more soft food :) I'm sure everything will work out okay with it though. Good luck!!

kilax said...

I am still laughing at "frolicked in the park." ha!

Our vet thinks Data needs tooth work. Like, we pay $400 to put him out so the vet can clean his teeth. Uh... that's expensive. I always thinkg, "they're this way in the wild." Yes, yes, they don't live as long in the wild. You'll know if Manny is in pain and if it needs to be taken care of immediately. I hope it just goes away!

Elle said...

maybe I'll try that stuff for Curly. His teeth look in need of a good brushing, which I'm not even attempting seen as he does't even like his hair brush. Manny always has been a ladies man...errr. cat.

Amber said...

What? All it takes is a little TV and Manny overlooks it all? Talk about a forgiving kitty. You wouldn't get off so easily with me. :-)