2009: The Year of the Cat Nascar

I would say that Manny sleeps and/or naps for approximately 23 hour a day. Not really surprising as he is a cat, but what is surprising is the amount of activity that cat can cram into his one hour of sleeplessness. Also interesting is the time of night he chooses to engaged in what I like to call, CAT NASCAR. Last night it was 3 AM. So, I guess I should change "last night" to "way way too early in the morning.

I have no idea what brings upon this sudden burst of energy, but when it happens Manny hits the ground running. Literally. He jumps off the bed, lands on the floor with a loud thud that usually signals the beginning of his laps around the house. He runs from room to room on the second floor until he realizes that “oh yeah, we have a second floor” and bounds down the stairs and back up and back down. Every once in awhile in all his excitement he misses a step or two and you can hear the extra galloping it takes to regain his momentum. Then its back on the bed so that he can jump back off and then back on. Repeat. Run around the 2nd floor a few times; downstairs to his water bowl; maybe a pit stop at the litter box; and back upstairs where he usually runs into a fake toy mouse. Throw the fake toy mouse into the mix and it sounds like someone let a herd of horses into the house [actually being that I live in Queens, I'll liken it to a runaway subway car]. Manny has been getting more talkative so while he does his laps and fake toy mouse throwing, he likes to squeak. Well I guess its meowing, but it sounds more like squeaking. I’m pretty sure his squeaks are directed at me, as in, “get your lazy arse out of bed and entertain meeeeeeeee”. Of course his energy wanes and he’s back on the bed to make himself comfy for the rest of the night/early morning; the following afternoon; and evening.

This morning when I went to make the bed he was still wrapped up in a ball (as seen in the picture from last post) recuperating from his early morning shenanigans. I gently picked him up (he squeaked at me) and placed him on the floor. I turn back around and he’s back in the spot I just removed him from. I try again. He manages to sneak back to his warm and cozy spot in super stealth mode before I can attempt to make the bed. I try again. And again. Eventually he gets bored of this “game” we are apparently playing and jumps off the bed and goes to his under-the-bed oasis (aka his hideout) to resume his sleepy time.

Tonight, I plan to ring in the New Year by chillax-in' at home and playing Guitar Hero like a wannabe rock star. I haven’t been at home on NYE in a awhile, so I’m looking forward to it. Manny will be conserving his energy for the next bout of CAT NASCAR.

Whatever your plans are tonight - Manny; The Husband and I wish you a safe and fun New Years. We hope that 2009 will bring you an abundance of blogging material – all good things, of course.


Rosebay said...

Happy New Year

t i m said...

chillaxing is highly reccomended - happy new year. :)

Nadine Hightower said...

Oh Yeah....we had CatNASCAR this am too... with at least 3 and no fake mice....but a sticker that was passed like a baton from cat to cat.

Happy New Year!!

Beezer said...

Hi Ya Manny!
Happy New Year :)

Kimo and Sabi said...

Happy New Year 2009!

VENTL8R said...

Isn't amazing how a normally stealthy silent cat can sound like a herd of elephants?? The tail poofs out and the crazy eyes set in. We call this the FOP - Freak-out Phase.

kilax said...

I hope it is not 3 AM every night! Ahh!!!

Happy New Year!

Jeankfl said...

Yeah.. I call it the "kitty-crazies"!! Sis is the main one.. all three used to, but Magic is ill, and Bro's too old and fat.. so Sis keeps up the tradition. I'll hear her yowling, then pitter patter as she bounces off walls, and races around!!LOL They're never too boring, at least!!

courtneyl said...

we have kitty NASCAR too!!! isn't it fun!?!?! Happy (belated) New Year to you, the husband, and Manny!!!! i look forward to many new Manny "tales" this year!!

Jane! said...

Has he been getting any suspicious packages in the mail?
Hope your new year is going swimmingly!

Noelle said...

I chose you to receive the honest scrap award, check my page for info. :)

Amber said...

I am convinced: Manny is my alter-ego in cat form. At least one of us is getting some sleep.... :-)

Nancy said...

Have you wondered if Manny can hear little animals in the house at night? So sorry, I had to say that.

I've missed coming here. My mom passed away at the end of December. I was so lucky to be there with her to say goodbye.

If it helps, my dog, Gracie, does the exact same thing as Manny does ... sometimes she acts like a cat.

Hope you are enjoying your new home.

Noelle said...


I submitted Manny's picture to be featured on this blog cute times ten...check it out. :) Miss you, sister.

Ms. T. said...

Cat NASCAR (or NASCAT, as it is referred to in our household...apropos that we live just a few miles from the Daytona Speedway) has increased significantly since we adopted the kitten, Gozer. Nothing like a little competition to get their motors runnin'!

Happy New Year and headbutts! =^.^=

Gina (Mannyed) said...

NASCAT! I love it, T! I'm stealing that from you, lol.

Bird said...

My dad call the wild, cat-runnin "gallumping." I think they all do it. At my house, Max gets the dog involved and they're both slip-sliding around the house.


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Tamara said...

I was wondering where you went...i love reading o Manny's (mis)adventures. I have four brats myself so i know what you are going through.

Elle said...

I nominated you for the lemonade award, come to my page to accept. :)

Elle said...

come get your awards, chicadee!

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