Manny is still sneaking into the 2nd bedroom to spread out on the day bed, but he has learnt to jump off and sneak out of the room when he hears someone coming. If he’s napping in the room and gets busted he knows enough to at least look guilty. So, yes, I’m making progress.

Lately he’s taken up an interest in kitchen cabinets. When I come home from work I see the pantry doors slightly ajar as well as the cabinets under the sink. I have no idea what his fascination is with them, but I’m thinking of investing in child safety locks to keep him out. The good side is that my house will be child proof well before a baby pitter patters into the picture. At first, I thought The Husband was being overly lazy when he went into the cabinets and would “forget” to close them, but he swore it wasn’t him. So then I thought “Great. I moved into a house with ghosts…” Luckily, I caught Manny in the act (because thinking you live in a ghost infested house is not fun). He pries the cabinets open with his paw and then rubs his face on the edge of the door and walks away.

We’ve put up the Christmas tree and Manny’s been pretty good with it. Cabinets and daybeds excite him more I guess because he hasn’t really gone near it much. When we brought it in the house, he supervised from the steps.

Speaking of the steps, the stairs are now his new throne. He likes to watch what his people are doing from high places. When people come to visit he sits on the stairs and watches. You need to climb the steps if you want to say hello to Sir Manny. He doesn’t come to you. As if.

I bought an early Christmas gift for me – actually it’s for my camera. I bought my camera a Christmas gift. The Camera got a Canon EF 50 mm F/1.8 II lens to play around with. Manny’s been my (un)willing model. Every time I take out the camera he flinches. He’s not a big fan of the flash so every picture I take of Manny his eyes are closed. I have nice squinty pictures of my cat. I’ll post them on here soon.

That’s about it for Manny happenings. Just trying to get ready for the holidays which means chasing Manny around with his Christmas collar. Stay tuned.


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Nadine Hightower said...

This same thing happens at our house. Roy blamed me!!! Becuz I'm the world's worst at shutting the upper doors....but It's George. I've caught him at it. And once when I was going thru and was shutting all the doors. He knock on one and mewed that he wanted out. and Monster followed him out.

And I watch my Woobie open a drawer in the bathroom. She's so cute.

And Scooter loves to have him pix taken!! He comes running when I turn it on!! He can hear that little noise the camera makes...it weird!! But My Manny runs!! He will hide from the camera. I have to sneak up on him.
I caught him sleepin' on Roy! Which is odd!

And one last thing....I'm so envious that you have a tree!! Sir Manny is just better behaved than my bunch!
Big Okie Christmas Hugs!!

Jeankfl said...

Sounds just like around here! I try to keep them out of the guest bedroom so I don't have to go vacuum the bed! But, they eventually get in there.. butts..

courtneyl said...

silly Manny!!! that's so cute about him "looking guilty" when he gets caught napping on the bed!!!
i can relate to the cabinet curosity!! Murphy has taken up that same habit- it kinda makes me wonder if they're conspiring against us!!! he loves to open the cabinets up to look inside (i guess) and then rub his face along the door of it.. as if he doesn't get enough skritches as it is!!!
that's amazing that Manny is being good with the tree!!! it just makes me wonder if he has something else up his sleeve, lol!!! Sir Manny!! i can't wait to see pics of him!!!

kilax said...

Yay for self Christmas gifts! I bought myself a necklace.

Data loves to peek into the cabinets when we open them! He doesn't open them on his own like his cousin though! Ha!

Amber said...

Hurray! A new camera for Manny papparazzi? I love it (squinted eyes or not). No worries--very soon enough he will be posing. :-)

So glad you posted before Christmas. I was wondering what happened to you!

Jane! said...

Well congrats on the early Christmas present. I bet we will be seeing some snappy Manny pics soon.
I had a heck of a time trying to figure out the very faint kitty cries for help that I was hearing one day. I looked EVERYWHERE inside the house and out! Finally located old Turbo sacked out on a pile of grocery bags in the very bottom of the pantry cabinet. I guess he crawled in when someone left a door open and got stuck there. But don't worry, the only lesson he learned is that next time we will be able to find him quicker.

t i m said...

Joyeux Noël :)