So, I think I pretty much have plans for a trip almost, sorta, kinda, just about nailed down. In a few months I should be hopefully possibly going to...IRELAND!

On one end of the spectrum, I'm beyond excited about the potential prospect of visiting Ireland for 10 days with The Husband. Ireland has been on my travel list for so long that it will be just plain awesome to actually go. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I'm a little more than apprehensive on what to do with Manny if and when I'm in Ireland. I know: crazy cat lady, but I'm kinda freaked out about my options. I have the best cat sitters (The Twin; his girlfriend; and my Mom) in the world, but I really would hate to impose on them for 10 or so days. That's quite a commitment and I do actually recognize the fact that my tried and true cat sitters actually have other things to do with their time instead of hanging out with Manny every single day. How many times can I ask them to drop everything and watch Manny while I get to indulge in some travel time? If they all didn't have cats of their own I would consider considering to ask them (read: bribe them) to let Manny hang out at their places, but its not an option. So, I feel like my last option is boarding my lil orange boy at the Vet's.

The thought strikes fear into my heart.

All I can picture is Manny cooped up in a cage for oh, about 100% of the time acting all depressed and/or agitated. Should he survive his extended stay at the Vet's (dramatic much?) I'm afraid he's pretty much going to hate us for the rest of our lives upon our return from the Emerald Isle. I'm not saying that the Vet wouldn't take good care of him, its just I never had to board Manny before and I have no idea what to expect.

So, blogging buddies, what can I expect? Tell me about some of your experiences with boarding a cat. Can I be all neurotic and ask the above mentioned cat sitters to please, please, please check up on him every few days? Do the cats have to stay in a cage for their entire duration? Did your cat claw you piece by piece when you came to pick him up? Will Manny eventually forgive me?

I might be able to figure out a way not impose on my cat sitting saviors and skip the potential boarding, but there may be a time when not boarding Manny is not an option, so I should know what to expect when boarding.

Do tell.


Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog on MSN and I love your Manny stories!!! When I got married and left on my honeymoon, my cat was on medication so I had to have someone take care of my cat. I called the vet and there was a girl that worked there that came to my house and gave my Simon his meds and special food. Sure I had to pay her, but, she also brought in our mail and I knew he was in good hands. Also, then my kitty got to stay in his own home where he was more comfortable. Just my suggestion.

VENTL8R said...

Sorry, thought I took word verify off last time....but it's off now. Yeah, I hate that too. And my 411? Had that on Spaces, girlie. I need to modify it as I'm not running any more, I've gained that 55# back and a few others....eh....whenevah, right?

I've only boarded dogs and Lexi would get very depressed and mopey and wouldn't eat. So when Thursday came along I would board them in the same cage. Thursday didn't know the difference; of this I am convinced. And I did that to give someone for Lexi to beat up and try to keep her spirits up. Being dogs we weren't ever givent eh cold shoulder for "abandoning them." If anything, they both become more velcro-like; never letting us out of their sight for a few days.

But cats are fussy and finicky. Like I said, no experience on the feline end, but just thought I'd take up some space in your comments.

kilax said...

I wish I had people around here to ask to watch Data! We board him at a place close to our house. He is a bit apprehensive when we get home, and extra "sniffy" around the house, but he always gets back to normal. Can you get recommendations from friends as to where to board him?

I am so jealous of your trip!

Bird said...

I've boarded Max several times for the weekend, but never for an extended stay. He was non-plussed by the whole thing--not thrilled, but fine. My mom has a cat-sitter who comes to her house each day for an hour or so and visits with the kitty, fills the bowls, and scoops the box. This works for her because her cat refuses to eat and completely freaks if she's anywhere but home. She's insured and bonded and everything.

Really, though, never had a problem with the vet.

Nikki said...

Never put Diesel in boarding place before but I did leave him with my mom for about 10 days and when I returned, he ignored me for about a day before he actually start to warm up to me. And he didn't even have to leave the house. I can't imagine how he would be if I had him boarded up. The horror! I think the suggestion of actually paying someone to go to your house and check on Manny is a better idea. It would be a little more comfortable and less traumatic for Manny. At least he's home and not in some cage, right?

P.S I am so bloody jealous!! I wanna go to Ireland too!!!

Nadine Hightower said...

I am all for boarding. I have to board the cats as I have no family to come in to feed. If I did I would impose. That's how I roll.
I do not have friends that I would impose on...not that they wouldn't do it but it's the fact that Roy is such a control freak about his house and he would worry the entire time that the friends wouldn't get the door locked or one of the cats would get out...Scooter!
So all that said ...I board them.

At the Vet's they are confined yes but that is okay. I have had people come to me looking and hoping that I had recovered a cat that THEY had let out...so freaked out!!
Every time we pick the cats up Scooter is the first one to be happy and purr and talk and actually gives Roy a hug!
Some places allow the cats out to stretch...I did!
Some places give the cats blankets or towels...I did!
And made sure that cat eats...I did!
Most cats that are so freaked out by the move to the Vets...and Manny will be...do not eat for about 2 days. Scooter went for 10 days once....I wasn't there to care him and that studip woman was...and didn't make sure he ate.

If you have a vet that you care for and the help is good to Manny, go for it.

I'm so excited for you!!! Ireland!! Woo hoo!!

Nadine Hightower said...

studip...is that a new dip???? Ph Lord I don't feel well and can't type!!

SuvvyGirl said...

My dogs hate being borded worse than the cats. My cats usually don't care if they're there or not. But of course they don't quite have the dislike for the Vet's office like Manny does. Check and see if there are any professional cat/pet sitters in your area. This may be a good option for you. And also when it comes to your personal pet sitters remember one thing...cats are pretty much self sufficient. I'm sure Manny might enjoy some alone time at your place (with the fish of course).

VENTL8R said...

Absolutely I would....the path of destruction of a hurricane extands thousands of miles and the storm itself is a few hundred miles wide. Not trying to downplay the force packed by a tornado, but its path is much shorter and much shorter lived.

Amber said...


Welcome to the dark side!! BWHWHWHAHAHAHAHAH!

Amber said...

ALL RIGHT, so you're not in Ireland yet. Where in the heck are you???!!

T. said...

Oooh, are you on Blogger now, fer serious?? I shall link to you here, instead. I was confused!